West Texas Food Truck Showdown presented by boot barn

Get ready for the 1st Annual West Texas Food Truck Showdown & Concert Presented by The Red Dirt Rebel, Cook’s Garage, and Boot Barn!

Brought to you in part by Drug Emporium, and 806 DC Offroad!

Saturday June, 10th, 2023. 11:00AM – 7:00PM. Calling all Food Trucks, get ready to show your stuff, and have a shot at great cash prizes! Sign Up your food truck below!


West Texas Food Truck Showdown Registration

Rules for the West Texas Showdown & Concert
1. The West Texas Food Truck Showdown will be held on June 10th at Cooks Garage.
2. Move in time for Trucks will be from 8am to 10. Trucks must be completely set up and ready to serve by 11am. Trucks not checked in by 10am will forfeit their entry fee.
3. The event will be open to the public at 11am
4. Food Trucks will be expected to sell to attendees.
5. No Alcohol is allowed to be brought in which means food trucks are not allowed to bring or sell any type of Alcoholic beverages. This is a TABC permitted venue. No outside alcohol my be brought or sold.
6. Trucks must be completely self-sufficient, providing their own power and serving supplies. The venue will not provide any.
7. Entries will be divided into one of 3 categories.
8. Each truck will be allowed to enter one item in just one of the categories. Those categories will be:
a. American
b. International
c. Specialty/Dessert
9. Each Food Truck will be given a number and 5 sets of containers and utensils. Each truck will turn in their items to be judged with only the number on the container along with utensils for each judge.
10. Nothing should be shown on the food container that indicates where the food it from.
11. There will be a total of 5 judges for each category.
12. Judging will begin at 12noon and continue until every truck has been judged.
13. The contest will be judged based on the following:
a. Taste/Flavor Scale 1-10
b. Appearance Scale 1-5
14. Winners will receive prizes as follows:
a. American 1st place $700 2nd place $300
b. International 1st place $700 2nd place $300
c. Specialty/ Dessert 1st place $700 2nd place $300
d. Overall winner $2,000
15. Winners will be announced at 5pm.
16. Trucks may leave after the winners are announced, but not before.
17. All decisions of the judges and Event Coordinators will be final.


11002 HWY 87
(806) 893-2491